About Rosewood VA

Rosewood VA in Newmarket, ON is dedicated to helping small businesses in York Region not only manage and maintain their websites and social media streams, but optimize their reach to new business opportunities.

Green Niche:

Rosewood VA works primarily in the health & wellness, fitness and eco-friendly industries. Our passion is working towards a Green Future of Healthy People and Healthy Minds.

We Have Clients in a Wide Range of Industries:

  • Dentistry
  • Funeral Planning
  • Not-for-Profit Organization
  • Independent Grocer
  • Food Distribution
  • Automotive
  • Photography
  • Spiritual
  • Leadership Training
  • Field Service Training
  • Sign Manufacturing
  • Sustainability

Deanna Simone, Owner of Rosewood VA:

Owner, Deanna Simone, is a graduate of the University of Toronto with an Honors BA in Linguistics & French. She has been providing Level 1 I.T. Services since 2011. Her background in Customer Service, Marketing and Technical Support in the I.T. Industry has prepared her for the marketing and technical sides to business branding and outreach through websites and social media streams.  She speaks both languages: understanding the technology of online marketing, and translating that into terms business owners can understand.

I’m most interested in working with small business owners who are looking for a personal approach to their online strategies. When you own your own business it becomes personal, and we will essentially become a team working together towards mutual success!

  • Deanna

Holistic Approach:

Similar to many health & wellness fields, Rosewood VA focuses on a Holistic Approach to Online Strategies. All components are connected, with the best combination of tools working together to yield the greatest results specific to your business.

Are You Ready to Grow Your Business Online?

If you want your business to reach more people and build your online presence, you’ve come to the right place. Rosewood VA is dedicated to you and your business, helping you extend your reach so more people may benefit from your services.

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