3 Words of Intention for 2018

words of intention 2018

As we come back from a week of holidays, I would like to share my words of intention for 2018.  This is a tradition I started thanks to Karen Armstrong of Inside Out.

Instead of setting New Year’s Resolutions, we set Words of Intention that we would like to keep in mind for the New Year.  I like to practice this as I think we can learn something every day, week and year.

Balance (Work/Life)

This past year, I learned a lot about work/life balance and why it is so necessary for entrepreneurs to have this.  I started 2017 with a bang.  Part of getting to work with other entrepreneurs is that they are equally as excited for the new opportunities of a new year: new websites, new marketing, new businesses, etc. Therefore, January is a VERY busy month for Rosewood VA.

Last year, after working my butt off from dawn til dusk for all of January and February, my body shut down with the worst cold I’ve ever had. And not just the sniffles. I was bed-ridden for a full week, and sick for a total of 3 weeks. My body was telling me that it could not support my work habits.

So this year, I intend to focus more on that work/life balance which is always difficult because I love my job.  I enjoy working as much as I enjoy other “life” activities.  But there can be balance, and I will focus on that.


Because of my crazy schedule last year, it wasn’t easy to see my friends and family as much as I wanted to. I would have to cancel last minute because work always takes priority. This year, I will have to stand up and commit my time to my friends.

I would also like to make new friendships, both inside and outside of work/networking.  I have met some amazing people through Rosewood VA, and I will focus on continuing that trend this year.

Actively Explore

I love living a healthy balanced lifestyle. I try to eat healthy and exercise when I can.  I would like to extend on that by being active while exploring new places.  Instead of presents this past Christmas, my husband and I are purchasing mountain bikes so we can explore new places while being active together. We’re fortunate to live in Uxbridge which is the trail capital of Canada. I can’t wait!

While this may not seem revolutionary, that’s the point. These are attainable intentions to focus on every day throughout the year. What are some of your intentions for 2018?

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Black Friday Deals for Entrepreneurs

Black Friday Deals for Entrepreneurs - Rosewood VA Web Design Newmarket

Black Friday is a great opportunity for small businesses to boast their best deal as a “foot-in-the-door” opportunity with new customers. Not only will the customer get a great deal, but they’ll see first hand your great customer service and potentially other products/services they’re interested in.

Part of being an entrepreneur is finding balance between your working life and personal life.  I value health and wellness and I believe this focus makes my business better too.

That’s why I’ve decided to put together a list of Black Friday Deals for Entrepreneurs. This includes items to make your work and home life more efficient! By the way, these are not affiliate links, just actual products that I find interesting, and may be purchasing for myself!

Black Friday Deals for Entrepreneurs

Instant Pot from Amazon.ca

While I don’t have one, I may purchase one on Black Friday.  The idea is very attractive and I’ve seen food bloggers prepare chicken breasts in under 10 minutes!  There are different sizes and options, and I’d suggest purchasing an Instant Pot Cookbook as well.

On sale for $67.99 (regularly $89.95)

Click here…

Huion LB4 Rechargeable Light Box from Amazon.ca

For entrepreneurs that deal with drawings, this is a great tool to not only streamline your business but also reduce paper waste.  It’s self-powered and chargers with a USB cable.

On sale for $62.99

Click here…

Kindle Paperwhite, 6″ from Amazon.ca

Great for reading on the go, this Kindle $40.00 off for Black Friday! Again with the concept of saving paper, and it’s also easier on your eyes compared to reading documents on an iPad.

On sale for $99.99 (regularly $139.99)

Click here…

Essential Oil Diffusers

Diffusers are one of those things that people are hesitant about. While people have been using essential oils for thousands of years, it’s a fairly newer health trend.  I started with a cheap diffuser from Amazon, which broke last week, so I replaced it with a better quality one.  What I found is not only did the essential oils have an impact on my mood, but because the diffuser acts as a humidifier, I actually had a better quality sleep.  I am an open-mouth breather and usually get a dry mouth and nose – but not with a diffuser beside my bed!  The one I purchased is from Amazon.ca  by Villain, but there are a ton of deals out there for Black Friday!

Try www.well.ca and see for yourself.

These are just some items I feel would be helpful for the busy entrepreneur.  After all, a healthier personal life makes us healthier in business!

What are some Black Friday deals you’ve had your eyes on?

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Celebrating Two Years in Business!

Rosewood Virtual Admin Web Design Newmarket Deanna Simone

Rosewood VA Web Design Newmarket Deanna Simone

I can’t believe it… Rosewood VA is two years old!

Fall is my favourite season so it’s only fitting that Rosewood VA started during this season and gets to celebrate it every year.  Being a virtual admin is so rewarding I am so thankful to be enjoying this adventure everyday. It really is true that if we just follow our heart everything will fall into place. I am thankful for all of the life events that brought me here, doing what I love and working with such amazing people and businesses.

Thank You to My Clients

What could be better than having your dream job?  Getting to work with amazing people! The biggest thank you goes to all my clients who make me love coming to work in the morning. Whether it’s helping them with their online presence, or sitting in on a brainstorming session, I enjoy it all.  I am so fortunate to work with and learn from each of you (especially when publishing your blogs).  I truly value working together as partners towards your business goals. Thank you for your continued support!

Getting Active in the Community

As part of ‘walking the walk’, I have been getting out to many more networking events this year.  In addition to joining the board of the Green Connections Networking Group, I’ve also been attending a few women’s groups in the Newmarket area. If you’re looking to get out there too come tag along and check out my Community Calendar here.  In supporting one another, we support our community.

The Future is Bright for Rosewood VA

The future is bright for Rosewood VA.  I am an “investigator-type” with an addiction to learning. I am looking to add new services to our repertoire soon. We will also be looking to expand next year and perhaps grow our team. If you know any students with an aptitude for technology, attention to detail and who are looking for a summer job for 2018, please pass along my information.

In terms of celebrating, I’m thinking of doing something really special this weekend.  Stay tuned to find out what it is! Thank you for your continued support in Rosewood VA!  You inspire me to strive to be the best everyday.

– Deanna Simone
Owner/Virtual Admin